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Beacon Hill Stabilization

Seattle, WA


March 2015 - May 2015


Our project, on the corner MLK Way and S Andover, involved constructing a 250-foot long soldier pile (Fortis Pile) retaining wall. The wall was constructed in order to stabilize the slope of Beacon Hill, which has had a history of movement, culminating in a substantial slide this past spring. The recent slide occurred during the excavation of the site which was being developed for a new townhome complex. Working alongside Versatile Drilling we used 42 Fortis Pile to construct the retaining wall designed to support and prevent further sliding from the east side of Beacon Hill. The use of Fortis Pile eliminated the need for tieback anchors into Beacon Hill, while also decreasing the amount of steel pile needed to support such a significant slope. With this retaining wall now in place the construction of new townhomes will continue.

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